Brewery Design & Construction | Mustang Sally Brewing Co.
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Mustang Sally Brewing Co.

About This Project

The name of the brewery, Mustang Sally, is a constant reminder of the things in life that matter, family, friends, the special moments experienced with them and the dreams that ultimately come true. The team at Mustang Sally Brewing Company have a deep respect for European brewing tradition, but at their core, they are a classically American brewery that embraces our rich culture and, of course, quality beer.

The king on their logo represents the science, while the queen, the art. Both are necessary to make a great glass of beer. Without the technical education, brewing experience and quality business practice, the art lacks credibility. But, without the culture, the people, the character and the willingness to take a step back and appreciate the work, the science lacks inspiration. By practicing and appreciating both (by joining them), they have committed themselves to brew the highest quality possible.